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Amazon is about to lose some customers!

I love my kindle… Let me say that first before I go any further. I think it is absolutely the best thing my hubby has ever gotten for me seconded only by my sewing machine. That being said…. I’m really starting to get to the point that I don’t want to have interactions with Amazon. I think they are sneaky thieves…. Don’t believe me? Google: amazon deletes books. The first two results should nab your attention. How about the reviews that have been deleted in the last couple of months or even the last couple of years? Ask your friends out there that review books they read if amazon has pulled any of their’s… Chances are you will know someone who has had it happen to them. Need more than just the word of your friend? Google: amazon deletes reviews and see the top two again. Or you can continue to scroll down and see the many discussions of “Why did Amazon delete my reviews?” etc. I have a friend who has been told by Amazon, after they deleted all her reviews, that it was because she received compensation for her reviews. Their proof? None. None whatsoever. So why do they think that? Someone targeted her and made false claims and instead of investigating it they just yanked them all and now she can’t post any more reviews at all. Seems like all it takes on Facebook or there on Amazon is some pissy busybody to say something and they jump through hoops to do exactly what they want yet they don’t do shite to verify the claims. Keep it up and there will be someone you piss off that does something about it…. There’s a 17 year old that refused to take Amazon’s crap. Google: 17 yr old sues amazon. There will be someone that makes something better (hello we all remember myspace and how much they sucked: hence FB was made). That will do what these companies don’t and makes things better… And its going to be soon if they keep pissing people off because someone will get so angry they decide to do it better.