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One more step to completion

So I have gotten a bit further in the process of finishing this quilt. I think I’m going to split this in two rather than the original plan of making one large single quilt. Because its being made from clothes that the boys have outgrown I think I’m going to make them each one. The plan was to make 4 sets of blocks with sashing then the border. I’ve sewn the first set of blocks together just need to get the sashing on. The pics of the set of blocks are below. Along with that pic I am also including the pic of the border.  One quilt will be made with white sashing and the other with black more than likely. 482478_725253217485564_1819468735_n 1531984_725630127447873_1795030879_n

The photo below is a pic of material that I got that I absolutely fell in love with and plan on making next.  1533919_725631320781087_1373839486_n

I am getting absolutely excited about the different ways and colors and themes. I also got some red speckled and music sheet material for future projects. The possibilities are endless lol.