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Amazon is about to lose some customers!

I love my kindle… Let me say that first before I go any further. I think it is absolutely the best thing my hubby has ever gotten for me seconded only by my sewing machine. That being said…. I’m really starting to get to the point that I don’t want to have interactions with Amazon. I think they are sneaky thieves…. Don’t believe me? Google: amazon deletes books. The first two results should nab your attention. How about the reviews that have been deleted in the last couple of months or even the last couple of years? Ask your friends out there that review books they read if amazon has pulled any of their’s… Chances are you will know someone who has had it happen to them. Need more than just the word of your friend? Google: amazon deletes reviews and see the top two again. Or you can continue to scroll down and see the many discussions of “Why did Amazon delete my reviews?” etc. I have a friend who has been told by Amazon, after they deleted all her reviews, that it was because she received compensation for her reviews. Their proof? None. None whatsoever. So why do they think that? Someone targeted her and made false claims and instead of investigating it they just yanked them all and now she can’t post any more reviews at all. Seems like all it takes on Facebook or there on Amazon is some pissy busybody to say something and they jump through hoops to do exactly what they want yet they don’t do shite to verify the claims. Keep it up and there will be someone you piss off that does something about it…. There’s a 17 year old that refused to take Amazon’s crap. Google: 17 yr old sues amazon. There will be someone that makes something better (hello we all remember myspace and how much they sucked: hence FB was made). That will do what these companies don’t and makes things better… And its going to be soon if they keep pissing people off because someone will get so angry they decide to do it better.


Get your vampire fix here

Get your vampire fix here

Here’s a great site that is all things paranormal. Sign up for emails and get weekly emails with links to discounted and free books.

Next please!

Well my camo quilt is not get completed like I want. My bag of squares are missing my camo squares. I think my lil “angels” somehow threw them away cuz I can’t find them anywhere. So I started my sunshine quilt. I am just about finished with it only need to get my layers together and get them all quilted together. The pic is below.1536561_729574113720141_1442938315_n


Now once I get this finished I will be starting an order for 2 quilts for a mom and daughter. She wants blue and black and her daughter wants red and black. Here’s what I’ve come up with for both.



I’m having so much fun with these but I’m neglecting my jewelry making so once I get all three of these finished I’ll be working on that for a bit.

Life Changer

This was written while my hubby and I were in Bethesda at Walter Reed hospital so he could get treatment in the NICoE program (National Intrepid Center of Excellence). There was this therapy class that we went to that had us read something about a man going off to war and his wife not wanting him to go. There were a lot of feelings that I could relate to. We were asked to start writing whatever came to mind after reading it and for the first time I wrote down my own feelings. I don’t normally write about myself but it was very therapeutic to put a voice to what I had felt. So I thought I would share this with y’all.


To let go and have no control or knowledge of what the future holds, is the greatest hurdle to cross and the heaviest cross to bear. To share my family’s future and fate to the whims of a hell-bent person or people intending to destroy what we have and all that we are, is especially nerve-racking. Then to have those fears realized with a single phone call is earth shattering. And the overwhelming fear consumes and destroys the last visage of strength. Realization dawns: I am not okay. No tears, no breaks. Eyes watching me, ears listening. And I hold my head higher and pull those small souls to me and reassure and reinforce the bubble of safety and security that surrounds the innocence of youth. The moment I was born to overcome has risen, ugly and all-consuming but I don’t bow and I won’t break. But when will my time come to release the firm hold I must have on myself and my emotions?  When will I be able to sit back and say, “The worst is over and it’s now time to enjoy and move forward?” A week, a month, a year? Those time frames have already come to pass and yet still I stand tall and unyielding. And still I trod forward to fight a war I never enlisted for and fight a war that should never have happened. A war that is a battle I gladly fight to protect the one I love. A war on doctors and commanders for the care he needs and the respect he deserves. When will my battle end? When will they say to him, “you are healed”? And when will I hear, “Rest now child, your path is complete”? Must I be at the end of my life’s journey before I see the end of his medical one? One step forward and two steps back. Yet still, here I stand, unyielding, unstoppable, Unbroken.


I was rereading this and now its been 3.5 years since my husband was WIA. He was finally retired this past May. After all the people who put him down and accused him of faking his injuries to get out(mind you my hubby has paralysis on the right said of his face with no movement and no feeling), the doctors that didn’t want to take the time to care for him, him getting 90% disability rating was a confirmation of everything we had worked for.  It took a lot from us but now we can finally relax a bit. I can breathe for the first time in years. He hates not being able to work. He’s spent ten years in the military so I know its got to be annoying but now he has time for the kids and to go to their school activities and be apart of what he missed during his 10 (yes 10 as in one per year) deployments. The boys are finally building a relationship with him that they’ve missed and I get my partner back. Yes joining the military was a choice that he made and even one I’ve supported but it was never one the boys chose and I know they haven’t really fully understood why Daddy had to leave or why Daddy had to be gone so long but they definitely know why he’s home. They know what WIA is and are just as thankful as I am to have him home.

Book Freebies

Hey guys! Well if you are anything like me, the amount of money spent on e-books rivals the cost of paperbacks. Okay so in all honesty I used to have a book budget. and that meant about one paperback per week. Now that equates into about 2-3 e-books per week. Only I don’t spend money on books like I used to. I buy an e-book about once a month.  No I don’t read less…. I just found a great place to find books for free and bargain prices. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Ereader News Today then I suggest you do. Sign up for their emails and get a daily list of free and reduced books. Here’s the link

One more step to completion

So I have gotten a bit further in the process of finishing this quilt. I think I’m going to split this in two rather than the original plan of making one large single quilt. Because its being made from clothes that the boys have outgrown I think I’m going to make them each one. The plan was to make 4 sets of blocks with sashing then the border. I’ve sewn the first set of blocks together just need to get the sashing on. The pics of the set of blocks are below. Along with that pic I am also including the pic of the border.  One quilt will be made with white sashing and the other with black more than likely. 482478_725253217485564_1819468735_n 1531984_725630127447873_1795030879_n

The photo below is a pic of material that I got that I absolutely fell in love with and plan on making next.  1533919_725631320781087_1373839486_n

I am getting absolutely excited about the different ways and colors and themes. I also got some red speckled and music sheet material for future projects. The possibilities are endless lol.