My foray into Quilting

I’d love to say I’m a pro but I just started doing this yesterday. But I can say I’m definitely a pro at cutting squares! Here’s what I’m doing. I took old clothes that my boys have outgrown (we have several bags but I only used one). I de-hemmed them and what I couldn’t get to do what I wanted I cut off…Yeah I cheated a few times. But I was able to salvage a large box’s worth. I then decided that I wanted to do small squares so I cut a piece of cardboard measuring 3 square inches. (3″ x 3″) I am planning on doing 2.5 inch squares on the quilt so I’ve left myself a half-inch to marry them together.  I’ve got 242 squares cut. Now I’m in the process of laying them out to flesh out a pattern. Its taken me 2 days to get them all cut and let me tell you when its time to stitch this all together I’ll be extra careful. I will say I found some awesome deals on and But it’s not here yet so I’m doing all my cutting with a crappy pair of scissors and measuring with a 6″ ruler I borrowed from my son. Its been a bit tedious! I should be ready to start stitching tomorrow. Oh and I suggest getting to know your machine and do all the stitches on a piece of cloth. You also have something to reference when you want to choose your stitch.  My machine shows them all on side however they don’t match exactly so I’m glad I checked.

All my lovely squares
All my lovely squares

4 thoughts on “My foray into Quilting”

    1. Let me know how yours comes out! I’d love to see. If you haven’t gone to, you might want to check them out. They have awesome sales on materials. I got sets of 5″ squares for $2-3 a set.

      1. Ahh, I live in the UK so unfortunately can’t get deals as good as that! You seem to have so many great shops and deals in the US. Yes, I’ll be putting a blog post up soon with what I’ve done. 😀

  1. Yes I have to say we do have so much at our fingertips. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your post. I am following your page now. Maybe we can exchange ideas back and forth!!!

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